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Turn your restaurant social media channels into order-taking engines

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Upgrade your restaurant online ordering

Higher Margins
Our Commission free ordering solution and overnight funds transfer means you keep more of your earnings
Efficient Marketing
Control the reach and targeting of your ads with our Custom Facebook Ad Strategy and Setup. We also offer re-targeting and delivery of coupons through text automation
Seamless Integration
We enable direct integration with market leading POS and order management systems
Easy Delivery/Pickup Ordering
We enable easy ordering for customers through Facebook Messenger, We also offer Custom Branded Web Ordering and Dine-in Contactless Menu services
On-Demand Customer Service
Our JoyUp Team proactively monitors orders as they come in and offers elegant customer service

Over 100s of restaurants trust us

Your Facebook campaign-to- delivery solution

JoyUp is a social media campaign – to – delivery solution to help restaurants turn “likes” into orders.

As Facebook/Instagram are the #1 source of discovery for your restaurant, target your local audience at the right time with the right messages to convert clicks into actual delivery/takeout orders with JoyUp's custom Facebook ad strategy and setup. This paid social media advertising formula generates a 4x-5x return on ad spend, without the need to have active followers.
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Your fully branded online ordering

With JoyUp, restaurant guests can order and pay for pickup and delivery orders through Facebook messenger.

Merchants can also enable direct orders from their web-page and offer a fully-branded customer experience

The orders appear on merchants' existing printer/tablet like any other order.
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Track your social media investment

Get detailed insight into your JoyUp Orders. Track performance from user engagement and opt-ins to orders and revenue. Easily access ROI metrics and quickly optimize your social media investment.

JoyUp collects costumer data on every interaction and uses the power of SMS, Facebook Automation to re-target. That's powerful!

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"TaaS helped improve our revenue with 45% growth over the last 8 months. Could't be more satisfied!"
Monica Richards, Sr. Director of Sales

Restaurants love us!

Working with JoyUp has (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. Since we launched with JoyUp's ordering and restaurant marketing, I have seen a tremendous increase in orders from Facebook and Web orders as we received 3x increase in ROI. We have over 4000 active Messenger subscribers on both my locations built over the last 3 months.

JoyUp's service is fully customized to my brand guidelines and I no longer have to pay commission fees. Also, I get to control my customer data and it's peaceful knowing that there is always someone on their team to respond to my queries quickly and positively.


CEO, OZPizza & OZBurger
Testimonial Image

A commission-free delivery/takeout product is bang for the buck, as we have generated 4-5X ROI on our social media orders . So far, the partnership has been great and we want to continue doing business with JoyUp for the long haul.

Yusuf V

Cold Stone Creamery, Chicago.

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