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How to Grow Your Restaurant With Data-Driven Restaurant Marketing

As the restaurant industry continues to pivot to digital solutions in 2020, data is now more critical than ever before. At its very core, the bedrock of every successful restaurant marketing strategy is the ability to drive one more visit from every guest.

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See how Cold Stone Chicago Franchise is generating social media orders during the pandemic

JoyUp offers a white-label experience that enables restaurants create personalized chat ordering experience and commission-free delivery

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Rashed Ka.
Your Restaurant Needs First-Party Delivery. Here’s Why

Third-party delivery companies continue to grow in popularity due to the pandemic as customers adjust to life without dine-ins but at great cost to restaurants

Rashed Ka.
Press Release - Ordermark and JoyUp Partnership Announcement

“Our mission is to help restaurants adapt to changing consumer behaviors,” said Alex Canter, CEO and Co-founder of Ordermark. “Partnering with innovators like JoyUp ensures that our restaurant customers get access to better ways to reach more potential customers.”

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Rashed Ka.
Monetize Your Social Media Presence. More Orders. Zero Commission

Learn how to monetize your social media presence by increasing daily orders in this time of social distancing with $0 Commission.

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Rashed Ka.
Guide to Virtual Kitchens In 2020: All You Need to Know

Look into how one of JoyUp's is disrupting the cloud Kitchen Industry

Rashed Ka.

Joy up now let you order for items via facebook Messenger

Rashed Ka.
Bring in new customers with Facebook Events
at a fraction of the cost

We have for long been waiting for this integration. Delivery, as you all are aware, is multiplying in growth. It is a $15B business, by 2022, and it is one of the most sought after services that consumers love.

Rashed Ka.
How an SF food truck is gaining national awareness and eventually its own franchise

Look into how one of JoyUp's partner, PhatThai is listed as top Messenger bot under Food and Drink Category

Robin Son.
Never lose another order at your peak lunch hour

If you work in an office with an open floor plan, smells of lunch probably start to waft through the air around noon.

Poran Da.
Convert Hearts 💓 to Orders 🤑

No doubt you’ve heard the saying ‘Don’t shop when you’re hungry.’ If you don’t know why, it’s because everything – and I mean everything – looks delicious when you’re hungry.

Zubayer Hasan
Why every food business must be active on mobile in 2017

Simple mobile or keyword advertising just doesn’t cut it any more, but don’t rush out to build an app

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